Sewer and Drain Cleaning
$49.95 :: a line or drain
Multiple line discount is available.

Color sewer camera inspection. Customers get a copy of video inspection through website. $150

High pressure water jetting service
Removal of heavy grease and roots, rust and any major obstruction.
Includes a sewer camera inspection.
Comes with a 1 to 2 years guarantee depending on the job.
$399 and up.

Late night service flat rate fee is $150 which include the drain unclog. Starts from 9am Monday to Sunday!

We also provide most piping and toilet repairs!

*sewer and drain prices are not fixed and will change due to working conditions! which includes excessive flooding, back up sewer for days, flooded pits beyond hand reach, blocked access to sewer pit, buried sewer trap and etc…
We have a 30 guarantee on most of our work! we do not give guarantee on sewer and drain lines that is installed incorrectly, have roots intrusions, and back pitch lines with heavy grease build up.
Bounce check fee is $40
In home estimate fee is $25, over the phone is free.
All prices are given before work is started and customer signs off when work is completed.
All payment must be complete at location of job.
We take most credit card including visa, master card, discovery and american express, check, and cash.
valid ID is a must for credit card transactions. *